Tuesday, 30 August 2011

On holiday with the neighbours Apparently 49 people from a single street, Coronation Avenue in Haverfordwest, all went on holiday together to Ibiza recently. Rob Greenland reported a similar story a few years ago about an entire street in Liverpool doing something similar. Bryony Gordon in yesterday's Telegraph offers a light-hearted reality check on spending downtime with people you may depend on, if you don't already get on with them really well. When we got to the hotel last night, the family at No 10 complained that their room was smaller than the one allocated to the family at No 12, “which is just what we need after they got planning permission to build that monstrous extension that blocks out all the light in our garden”. I think it's great if people get on so well with their neighbours that they do not regard going away together as a risk to their relationships. It makes me think of the late nineteenth / early twentieth century annual migration of east London residents to the hop fields of Kent for temporary rural employment. As Gordon's piece suggests, there might be a fascinating sociological study to be done of the extent to which established behaviours were reproduced, or not, in the different temporary environment. I hope there wasn't undue pressure put on any of the hesitant or reluctant to sign up. I hope they rewarded those who stayed behind to feed the cats and water the gardens. And I hope there weren't too many burglaries while they were away. I have no comment to offer on the choice of Ibiza as a holiday destination, but the people I'd be most curious to hear about are the ones, if there were any, who went away at the same time but chose somewhere else.

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