Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Perceptions Here's Junior, who told me about braille nail painting and sign language on T-shirts. Junior grew up in a violent home and was going nowhere, which in his case meant 26 years in and out of prison. He's passionate about finding practical ways of integrating able-bodied and disabled perspectives, which is how he got into sign-painting, T-shirt design and nail painting with a focus on different languages, alphabets and fonts (including Moon). He showed me some of his designs, including a T-shirt for Deaf Rave. I've never met such a passionate educationalist outside the education system (however broadly defined). Talking about the various phases of his life (but not his own disability) - "All of it is education," he said. "You jump from one education to the next." And later - "Homelessness has been such an education for me. It's the people that you meet." And on managing a football team of people with various disabilities: "Every aspect of it was educational." We talked at length about the importance of identifying patterns in our surroundings and in behaviours, and then knowing how to deal with what we learn. Junior is finding ways of using clothing and fashion to help young people understand the impact of their behaviour and to explore issues of exclusion. Braille nail painting is just one small, curious component in his thinking about how we can present conversation pieces to each other, and start learning. When Junior gets a website organised, I'll post about it here.

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