Friday, 03 November 2006

Youth Music and respect 'A new national music programme to tackle antisocial behaviour and raise aspiration and respect was launched today by Culture Secretary Tessa Jowell and music charity Youth Music.' Press release. When something like this flounces into your mailbox tarted up in government rhetoric there's an immediate temptation to take the piss. That's not the fault of the project though, which looks pretty good to me. It's just that in the past we would never have had to point out that such activity contributes to pro-social behaviour and respect. The programme will get young people involved in making music and provide 1:1 and group mentoring sessions with peers, musicians and the music industry. It will run across 14 English regions: Birmingham; Bradford; Bristol; Camden; Hackney; Kingston-upon-Hull; Leeds; Liverpool; Manchester; Newham; Nottingham; Sandwell; Southwark; Tower Hamlets. The Music Mentoring Programme will include: 1:1 mentoring of young people by local adults (including a diverse range of musicians involved in different types of music making) Small group tutoring sessions on specific topics relating to music making, progression routes in music industry etc. 1:1 tuition for children and young people by older teens, and Specialist input by established, well known musicians and others successfully employed in creative and cultural industries. Youth Music works alongside the formal and community-based sectors to support music-making and training. Find out more.

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